1. Fruits and Basket

    Fruits and Basket

    Rs. 1702.00

    Arrangement of 2 kg Fresh Fruits in a Huge cane basket. (Huge basket with Apples, Oranges Grapes and Chikoo).

  1. Fruits


    Rs. 2342.00

    Arrangement of Fresh Fruits in a cane basket. (3 Apples, 3 Pears, 3 Oranges with plums and grapes and Teddy with Eva Fruit Juice).

  1. Fererro Rocher

    Fererro Rocher(24)

    Rs. 1250.00

    Box of soft crispy Fererro Rocher (24 pcs) just the right gift for someone you love

  1. Teddy with 10 Roses and Chocolates Cake

Someone Spl

    6" Teddy with 10 Roses and Chocolates Cake Someone Spl

    Rs. 1250.00

    A Teddy - 6" with 12 Roses and with 1 kg Chocolates Cake,To make the day bright for a special person.

  1. Assorted Mini

    Assorted Mini

    Rs. 899.00

    1/2 Kg Assorted Dry Fruit box, not small in taste.

  1. Titan Pair

    Titan Pair

    Rs. 6713.00

    The classic and sophisticated watch from the bandhan collection of titan. The couple watch supports a shiny golden bracelet with a white dial. It gives a very classy look and is best suitable for middle aged couples.

  1. Roses with teddy bear

    Roses with teddy bear

    Rs. 717.00

    Send this hand tied bouquet of 10 Roses with this cute 6" teddy bear to celebrate any occasion.